JDRC Core Capabilities


C/C++ Software Development85%
Research and Development90%
Java Enterprise Edition including SOAP, REST, Enterprise Java Beans80%
Software Prototyping90%
Embedded Development80%
A company going to the dogs?


Yes, we went with dogs here!  Why?  Because the picture above says it all!  Strength is a matter of perspective, meaning that even though we are a very small business, we have the ability to compete with the ‘big dogs’ out there.

Being small is an actual advantage in our eyes, as it allows us to be nimble and respond to client needs quickly while delivering quality services with less overhead.



JD Ross Consulting, LLC (JDRC) is a small, minority owned, hub zone certified company located in Fredericksburg, VA.  We strive to provide general research, analysis, reverse-engineering, and rapid prototyping of custom solutions for the defense, intelligence, and law-enforcement communities.

Our company was founded to bring a new perspective to government contracting.  Our goal is to not simply operate with the same mindset as our larger competitors, but to inject new energy into government contracting.  We achieve this through developing relationships with our customers, and not just ‘checking a box’ while delivering monthly status reports.  We aim to truly understand the needs of our clients, and be proactive in providing solutions instead of being reactive to situations.

Strength Is A Matter Of Perspective

JDRC’s principals are Commitment, Honesty, Trust, Excellence, Experience, and Integrity. These core values are what we deliver to each and every project we have the honor to be a part of.  We do not compromise these values, and promise to do everything possible to earn your trust and respect. We simply believe that our ‘yes’ is a ‘yes’ and our ‘no’ is a ‘no’. Being honest in our communications is one of the keys to building strong and lasting relationships.

If you are a client looking for a shift regarding your projects, or are an employee seeking a career at a company that has an employee friendly environment, and doesn’t treat you as just a number (yes, those companies still exist), contact JDRC to discuss how we can be the change of perspective that you are looking for!  We will be happy to hear from you!

The moral of the story is: In the end, the little dog wins!